Available Linked Data Not Showing Up

My app creates a case and gives it a CASE NUMBER.

I have a text displaying Current case > CASE NUMBER (belonging to a Case Collection, Current Case) on every screen throughout the process.

Current Case > CASE NUMBER shows up for every screen except for the problematic screen where it suddenly doesn’t show up. Nothing belonging to Current Case shows up.

The problematic screen does receive Available Data from Current Case (see screenshots). It simply doesn’t show up, and has nothing to do with Visibility.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @lukem,

If you 100% sure that the screen receives the data, that problem looks quite strange.

Did you try to isolate it - i.e. create a new test screen (may be by copying the original one), and ensure that there are no other data links than from the previous step?
If that solves the issue - probably there is some problem with linked data on original screen.

Other issue which I’ve encountered - sometimes it helps to re-create the magic text values & parameters in the fields on the screen, sometimes builder ‘loses’ some info there and things stop working correctly.

Hope this helps


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