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Hey everyone!

I’m trying to figure out how to create an average rating component for a groups app that I’m creating. It will have the group on one screen where users can rate, and then I would like to have the group on another screen (like a “search for new groups” screen for people looking to join new groups) where the average rating is shown with the same star component. I saw other posts that are similar to this where some community leaders suggested creating a new collection of “Ratings” because it should then let you display “Current Group>Rating>Average”. Although, after doing this, it only shows “Current Group>Rating>Count”. Does anyone know how I can accomplish what I’ve described?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @ParkerJ

What you are describing for your set up should work here! I think the small piece you may be missing is that you actually need to go Gorup>Rating>Rating value>average. You will need to have a number property in the Ratings collection to store the rating value for this to work.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Yeah I’ve set that up before through a relationship to the ratings collection, but when I go to the “what property does this set?” On the page where users can actually submit the rating, it shows “nothing available”. So I’ve not been able to test out whether or not your suggestion will work because of that roadblock. Any thoughts on how I should fix that?

Oh so the issue you’re having isn’t displaying the rating, but creating one?

What you’ll need to do is have an intermediate step that Creates a new rating record before you get to the screen where a rating can be set. Then select “current rating >rating value in the components flyout menu.

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Hmmm… I tried following your steps, but it’s still showing that I have no option. I’ve attached a screenshot of my database setup and the “create” action setup on the screen before the “Set rating” screen. Maybe it’ll show some more insight into what I’m missing.

@ParkerJ Can you also send a screenshot of the rating component options you are seeing, and what you would expect to see?

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Sure thing! This is what I’m seeing.

From what I understand, it should show something like “Current Group>Rating”

@ParkerJ It definitely should have something along those lines. I think I’d need to look at this specifically to figure out what is going on.

Please submit a ticket if you don’t get any additional replies here and can’t come to a resolution.


Hi Parker,

There is an app template that has average reviews about books and stuff, it may be worth taking a look at how it’s setup.

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it shows a no visible variable where the book rating is set. do you know why this text input field is there? other than that, ive copied the setup almost exactly but still cant seem to figure it out.

I also just noticed this too, I’ll try to dig into it later and figure how she does it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also just submitted a ticket. If we can figure it out there, then I’ll make sure to come back and share. Thanks for the help!! Let me know if you hear back from her. :slight_smile:

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By the way, where is she now ?

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Who? The creator of the app?

Yes, where are those creators now ?

There are different makers for every app but some apps (most) are someone at Adalo (you know when it says Made by Adalo)

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