Star rating component help

The star rating component is quite confusing and the Adalo documentation does not help much.
I want to create a system where everyone can rate everyone else on multiple categories.

Do I need to create a separate rating collection in relation to users (multiple to multiple)? And then add each category as a property to the ratings collection?

I just added the categories into the user collection but it doesn’t seem right. Seems like each user can only be rated once. And I do not know how to show the average star rating because the only option is average of all users.

Hi @trble ,

You need to create a separate collection for reviews. Follow below-mentioned points →

  1. Create a separate collection with properties like →

    • Text (Comment)
    • Number (No. of stars)
    • Submitted By (1 to Many relationship with users collection)
    • Submitting for which user (1 to Many relationship with users collection)
    • Category (1 to Many replationship with category collection)
  2. Now give button to reach review screen with action → submitting by > logged in user + submitting for > current user + category > current category

  3. And create a screen for review (with current user flow) & use the text input + star rating component to capture the review.

  4. Trigger an action by populating the comment input into the comment property when the user clicks on submit button.

NOTE → Don’t forget to connect the rating component with the No. of star property with the review number property.

I hope this will help you to achieve of what you’re looking for.


Thank you so much for the response can you clarify because it went a bit over my head.

  1. I need to create a category collection as well with each category being a text property?
  2. The button is supposed to create the review and fill in these 3 properties?
  3. It is ONE user can MANY many reviews?

What does this mean? - Don’t forget to connect the rating component with the No. of star property with the review number property.

How do show the average rating by doing this? Do I need some math?

Anyone can help here?

Hi @trble

Here are your answers →

  1. In order to connect users in multiple categories, you need to create a category collection that contains all the categories you want & a relationship many to many with the user’s collection.

  2. Yes, once the user clicks on the review button, a modal or screen should appear with a text input field and a star rating component, but when the user clicked on the review button before the modal or screen, you must create a review collection record so the star rating screen will have the current review flow.

  3. As you mentioned, a user can review another user across multiple categories.

I hope this will help, if not let me know I’ll share a screen recording for you.


Yes. Are you able to record a screen recording of at least the DB setup part. I am very confused here on the DB setup (what properties go where and the relationships). I think it would be more clear to see a recording of the DB setup.

I also don’t understand why category to users is many to many. Shouldn’t it be the reviews fall into 5 categories? I am trying to create an app where every user can review other users based on 5 different categories. Each person can rate another person and comment once per category. So I can rate you and comment on you five times, once per each category.

Hi @trble

Here is the screen recording I hope this will help you - Bubbles - Collaborate In-Context

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Thank you so very much

Everything you posted before was absolutely working but i had a problem here. I am unable to get the average score of the reviews by category. And unable to get the count of reviews by category.

I’ve created a list of All categories on each user profile. I want to include the average rating for the category. And the count of reviews for the category. But none of the options are working. The values produced are always 0.

I think the problem is there is no option for me to go “Current User > Current Category > etc etc”
Many of my list screens are showing everything instead of just specific to the current user + current category.

Do I need to somehow add the categories to the users? There seems to be no way except manually doing it in the database.

Hi @trble

Follow this screen recording - Bubbles - Collaborate In-Context

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I have learned so much from you thank you.

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I dont know why but the Review button is always visible for me. Its driving me crazy.

I know have set the visibility filters correctly.

It seems when you use two custom filters the result is always 0. Is it not supposed to act as AND?

If I use filter creator email = logged in user email + reviewed email = current user email

The result is always 0

Using two filters is supposed to be like using & correct?
But it is not

Using them separately produces the correct count.

Make sure you’re selecting the right current review > User

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