New Star Rating Component - Average

I’m trying to create a star rating system where a user rates an item, the app records their rating and adds the new rating into the average. However, I’m not sure how to do that with the new star rating component. I’ve added a number property to the respective collection but it seems like, if one user rates the item, all users now have the rating pre-filled rather than seeing blank stars. If someone has an example, cloneable app, or an explanation, anything helps!

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You want to set it to update the rating in the database, and add another action, under more user input and clear it. Then it won’t display the last users rating.

Unfortunately, @mightyels, that didn’t seem to work for me.

Check this out,might help

Hi @Kat, sorry for the late reply here.

The specific use case for how the star rating component is designed is unfortunately not intended for use that way.

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