Rating system with average?

Hello there!
I’m currently working on a climbing app on Adalo but I seem to have gotten stuck about something…

I wanted to cerate a rating system that allows the user/us to:

  1. rate a specific “climb” in a list
  2. save the score in one of our databases and create an average score
  3. be able to see the average score of that “climb” in the description, without showing each single rating

could you help?
thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Sure, if you set correctly the database, you just have to do the average, as a function.

In the field, you input “new formula”, then Current Climb - Score - Average.

Hope that’s clear! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, it was very useful, but I still can’t set the star rating to add a value to the database without modifying the previous ones.
then i guess i need to create a text field with a formula to show up the reseult

Be sure to put a numeric field, and not a text field! :slight_smile:

Hi @rubenmisrachi,

Star rating component changes the value of the property immediately.
So if you have a collection of “Ratings” (one Rating belong to one Climb, but Climb haves many Ratings), and if you’d like to close the rating window right after the click on the rating, you can do the following:

  • create new Rating belonging to current Climb, before opening “Rate” window (on-button-click)
  • (optional) set default for new Rating
  • in “Rate” window, set the Star Rating component to change the Current Rating value
  • on-click-action for Rating, set the calculation of the average for the current Climb (you can count number of ratings filtered by current climb for example), and add another action to go back

Of course you’ll need to protect against “abandoned” ratings and etc., but as for me this approach should work.