Qr-Code "scavenger hunt" app

I am trying to make this “scavenger hunt”-type app where you go around scanning different QR-codes. I want each user to have a personal progress-bar with the amount of scanned QR-codes. Is this possible do make in Adalo? Do I need to use some sort of external database? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes it is, so all you have to do is go the marketplace after pressing “+” sign search for progress bar, then say how much do you want is progress to end what’s the progress beginning progress can be “Logged In User>QR scan>Count”.

Its possible.

Thanks! But do you know how I could register a scanned QR-code to each user? What type of information do I need to include into the QR-code to make it communicate withe the User-database?

Thanks again.

Yes Current User>QR Code Scammed>Count