Best solution for going through modals?

Wondering if anyone has found a best practice for this scenario. Video demo here: 2021 12 08 14 16 46 - YouTube

The scenario: I have a list of exercises on screen 1. I then click a “more” icon to pull up a modal. Then I select swap to go to a third screen. Once I click a record, it swaps the exercise, then goes back a screen. But it’s still on the modal, so I need to go back again.

I’ve thought of and used different solutions in the past, but was hoping someone had found something better.

Option 1: Instead of a modal, use a hidden menu using visibility rules.
Option 2: Apply a true/false / number to the user when using the modal. Then using a screen action on the modal to go back when it’s true (once the exercise is swapped on the third screen).

Anyone ran into this and found a good solution? In most coded apps, I notice that the modal will pop up, then disappear when clicked, then go to the 3rd screen. I’ve been able to mimic that behavior with a variation of option 2, but won’t work for this setup because I need to send info from within the list to the next screen.

Did you tried like instead of just going back, to link to that initial screen with a cool transition?

I can’t do that in this case because the original screen already has data from previous screens, and needs to go back as well. I have done this in another case though.

I try both options, but like #1 better but a little bit difficult to navigate in the editor.

For #2, I use link back with conditional in visit screen and the conditional is set whenever user go to the 3rd screen.

We can discuss that during our chat today.

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