Back from whatsapp or email

what about come back from whatsapp or email : the app is in a white screen and there isn’t a way to show the home.
I m using a button “send me a message” and an external link with this text number
everything is ok with the call, but its impossible to use the app after this step

where I wrong ?

Im using the free plan


after opening whatsapp you have a brower inside your app. On the top left (on iOS) you should have a button that allows you to close the browser image

Hi Axme
I don’t see that screen. Its like I go out from the App and I see whatsApp . Then when I try to open the app , I see a white screen … its like the App doesn’t know which screen make show me

in the first Image you can see what’s app the shows at top left the app name that call it.
in the second image you can see the next step when I tap on the app name to came back from whatsapp … but the screen is white , without “done” text
Im using a clone of Giran App , and I think developers are ok with that

Can you try adding another action after opening whatsapp link action to navigate to a page of the app.

Yes I did it
an update: if I use the App share in the browser ( safari on iPhone ) it work without problem
the problem appear when I create a link on the Home icons