External link to Whatsapp stopped working

I had a button to send a pre-defined message on WhatsApp through an External Link, but I just updated my app and it stopped working, and I can’t even edit the text I had because it gives me this error message.
Whenever everything seems to be fine with my app, there comes another bug…

Hi Afonso, have you deleted the link and tried adding it again?

Hi @crmorris2

I have, and while on the preview version it works, in the testflight build and in the actual live app it doesn’t work, saying “the page you’re looking for wasn’t found. it seems that the page you’re looking for doesn’t exist or has been eliminated…”
It has been working well so far, and all of a sudden this happens.

Could you post the link here so I can test it please

Meanwhile I replaced that action to a link to a screen where the user can take a screenshot of it’s profile, with the app logo and a small text, which doesn’t have the same effect, but is a temporary fix…
Does this external link to whastapp work on your builds?