Why does letters get opacity as well when I want to have only images get opacity?

I cant have only images get opacity, which means letters get opacity as well.
I want only images to get opacity.
Does anyone know how to solve?

Arrange the text elements and bring them to the front. See what happens.

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Like this, right? It does not still work…

What element are you selecting in order to adjust the opacity? It might be that you’re not actually selecting the image.

Is this a list of some kind?

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Hi, Archer, thank you for your support.
I think Im selecting the opacity of the image.
It is belonged to a list.

Yeah that’s odd, because you showed us an actually version of the app and the list item still had a lighter opacity.

I would try recreating the list and see what happens.

Sometimes it can be something else like an accidental square with an opacity will be randomly formatted above the list or something silly and random like that. Unfortunately I can’t think of anything more specific to help you out

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Thank you, @Archer.
Even if I recreate it from a new page and delete all filters, sort, and anything, it works like this. What’s going on?lol
I will see…

This is a known bug on Adalo’s side actually, but can you please submit a support ticket about it for us to track?

Currently the workaround is to adjust the opacity of the image before uploading, but it’s kinda tough if the images are dynamic or uploaded by users…

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I’ve submitted it just now. We will see. Thanks, @pford!

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