How to make an image darker and save the text white?

I added a list and want to make an images darker and the text above it in white color to high contrast and easy to read, but there is no such function in component’s style edit. So I tried to place a black rectangle with opacity between the photo and text. But it added strange opacity to text when I even don’t touch text style. And the text placed in front, image in back and rectangle in the middle between, and on builder window it looks good, but not in app preview. Text don’t have any opacity and I tried to delete it and create again, but it don’t help.

UPD: Absolutely the same happening when I just add image, rectangle and a text separately without the list.

Hi Pavel,

I’m sorry but it is hard to follow what you have done or trying to do from that single screenshot and text.

Are you able to create a short video demonstrating this effect and an example of what the expected result should be?

Make your text area wider than image/rectangle area. This way you can keep text white. I couldn’t find another solution myself.

Yes I think this is a bug actually. It’s happened to me before but I can’t remember how I solved it. I think I grouped the image and rectangle together maybe?

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