Backoffice still very slow

It is all extremely slow.
We are still experiencing performance issues?

Really frustrating isn’t it. My app links have been showing error since 2+days and there has been no reply from anyone @Adalo. I am almost half way through considering deleting my account.

@Arun Adalo is a relatively new entrant to the no-code landscape; they are bootstrapped as well. I am on the Pro tier and have received excellent support for my questions; in fact my questions have been answered by the amazing community before Adalo employees.

I have so many app ideas I want to launch with Adalo. Given the occasional scaling issue, I am content to work on my apps slowly, adding features and functionality as they become available.

If you have a mission-critical app that is revenue-generating and need immediate help, I suggest using Loom to record a short video of your problem, and you can post it here in the forum. People are smart, and they’ll help you!


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@tdhi Adalo community has been amazing indeed. Many of my other posts have had useful replies from smart people such as yourself. Thanks for that. But the issues I have faced weren’t about scaling or new features or functionality. Do please check out the issues I posted and I’d be glad and grateful to receive your help on the issues.

My frustration came about only when 2+ days of building activity was lost due to no support. But someone from Adalo has responded now and I’m hoping to get back to building my app before the weekend kicks in…assuming the problem is solved.