Sign up very slowly


when new users want to sign up to my app the app needs to load for ages until they get to the home screen. Obviously, this leads to a lot of users being annoyed already in the beginning.

Can anyone help?


My Apps are all slowly

Is this something that is just happening? My app is hanging up today as well, and I came here first to see if there was any chatter.

Is Adalo having some backend issues today? Things have been perfectly snappy for the most part over the last couple months as I’ve been developing my app, but today it’s absolutely unworkable.

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Upon further review, the chatter here on the forum clearly indicates that there is a server issue today. Hopefully they’ll have it figured out soon! No need to respond to my prior comment.

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We are investigating the issue that is causing slowness in the editor and apps. We’re hoping to get this resolved soon. Please check the status page to stay up to date:

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