Barber services application

Hello, I want to show you an app to schedule barber appointments, an app where the client can select the services they require, be it a haircut, beard grooming, etc. Where you can see suggestions for haircuts and styles, check descriptions of each service, and more. At the time of making a request, a barber who is available on the day and time that the client schedules will be able to accept it to register it in a calendar that he has, and thus be able to make an agenda with all the requests for barber services at home, and that The barber has control of all those appointments from today until the next ones that he will have in the following days. I would like if you have the time to check the app on both sides as if they were the barbers and as if they were the clients. For my part I think it’s ready but I would like recommendations and opinions.

barber account
Password: 123
I recommend using this account to access the account of the barber to see all the details he has

for customer accounts if you want to create a new one

-accept appointments
-view daily, weekly and monthly earnings
-see in a calendar all the appointments that you have accepted (two appointments are not joined at the same time)
-view customer profile
-view customer reviews and ratings
-view details of each appointment you are about to accept
-view completed dating details
and more

-select required services
-see details of each service
-suggestions according to the service
-add location and save it
-select date and time of the appointment
-view details of the appointment and total of the selected services
-view details of appointments sent
-view details of accepted orders
-view details of completed orders
and more

Soon I will be adding more things to it and most probably I will add the geolocation function

App de reserva de servicios Barberia


I recommend that you have your customers/users & their customers test the app together; while you watch, without you helping them to navigate.

Yes, many of us get haircuts. Perhaps you’ll get some useful feedback. But, this setting will never give you the level of detailed feedback you need; that can only be obtained in the “real-world”

Good job!


Hi Martin,

I popped you a mail. Please see it. If you cant please pop me a mail at

Would like to speak to you regarding your barbershop app.

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I can tell you that your idea sounds promising, and I encourage you to gather recommendations and opinions from real barbers and clients. Their feedback can help you refine and improve the app further.

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