💥 NEW app ! Barbershop

Hello, I show you a new app that I made for a barbershop… it has a

Customer section: to see prices, make reservations and see your reservations

Barber Section: Manage your reservations, sign up for the shifts you can attend, update your reservations by adding more services and products. See your earnings in real time

Owner panel: manages the entire app, sees the reservations of all barbers, costs, profits, products sold, can create reservations for users

:film_projector: Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoZFSnVZMHU

To zoom in on the photos … CLIK and bottom left it says original image


Hello, I love it. The colors and nice and the design is clean and very user-friendly. There is a section for the clients. A section for the Barbers and a section for the Manager. Does the customer get a reminder notification for their appointment?

Hello … thanks for the message … that’s exactly what I’m seeing now, that the system sends you a reminder one or 2 hours before … otherwise in the admin panel I will put a list of reservations for the day and with a button sends you the reminder


Awesome. I’m sure the clients will love that extra feature.

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Yes, great… in other apps I implemented the button notification system and it works great… they are very happy… now I’ll see how to make it automated… I’m looking for information

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Looks like a fantastic app ! Great job. For automated notifications, Adastacks or Abracadalo are good options. I have used both and both work well.

Abracadalo can schedule emails, push notifications and Twilio SMS… you can pull back the IDs so if the client cancels the API can be linked to the cancel appointment button etc to remove from the queue. Worth checking out.

Well done with the App :muscle::muscle::clap::clap::clap::tada:

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Great, I opened the account in abracadalo (I didn’t understand the paid plans much) but now I’ll see to start using it, I have many apps that I want to do some integrations or that my clients ask me … and I’m putting together the portfolio to start selling tempers them

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Great, good luck with it :muscle::muscle:

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