Do you have a barbershop or a business that needs to manage reservations? This app is ideal for that.

It has 3 profiles, user, barbers and administrator.

:man: User Dashboard:
You can make reservations for available shifts, select what services will be done and you can choose the available barber, at the time of finishing the reservation you can qualify the barber.

If the user selects a turn and abandons the reservation, as soon as he enters the home, he will not be able to make another reservation if he does not finish or cancel the reservation started (if the slot is canceled it will be available again).

:haircut_man: Barber Dashboard:

  • Self-manage the days and hours you will work
  • Manage your reservations, update if the user added more service or cancel reservations.
  • See in real time how many reservations you made and how much was billed!

:cowboy_hat_face: Administrator Dashboard

  • Create the days that the business will work and the shift slots.
  • Register barbers and select whether to earn a commission for each service performed.
  • Add the prices of your services
  • See all reservations that can be filtered by barbers
  • See the report of reservations made by day or by periods that can also be filtered by barbers
  • See the number of reservations that each barber made, what they invoiced and what is their profit according to their percentage
  • See all the ratings of your barbers, so you can know what customers think

The app has integration with social media, location information , whatsapp contact
It has notifications

:film_projector: Checkout can be adapted with stripe and emails with reservations.

See the video Demo in this link: https://bit.ly/barber-template-pro

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Amazing!!! This is one of the most complete apps I have seen

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Thank you bro … I appreciate the comment !! We continue working and creating new templates and solutions for the users of the Adalo community