Barcode scanner


I want to make a barcode scanner app that sends all scans to an email or to Slack.
Has anyone tried it already?


I used barcode/QR code scanner for a different purpose, but what you’re looking to build can be achieved. Here’s what I built.

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I created a generic Bluetooth component that can access generic Bluetooth data. The original purpose was barcode scanning. If you want to use a camera, follow the previous post. If you need to use a Bluetooth bar code scanner let me know and we can see what we can do.


I’m interested in controlling an Arduino Via Bluetooth any ideas if this can be done?

100% and Adalo app can be made to control an Arduino over BLE. But that is no a no-code thing, it requires writing code in Adalo for it to work.

Prerequisites are:

  • Knowing how to make services and characteristics and communicate over bluetooth
  • Knowing react-native
  • Knowing how to program an Arduino

If you have all 3 prereqs you then need to ask, if I have the skills to write the bluetooth communication in Arduino, why use Adalo rather than create-react-native-app?

If your answer is: I don’t want to build an entire backend server for my app or write login and authentication code. Then keep reading.

If your answer is: I put a button and light using delay timers in arduino, Bluetooth should have good tutorials in Arduino, but I don’t really know how to build embedded systems. Hire a professional, and make sure the project is viable because it will cost a lot.

Good, if you made it this far you have the skills to make a BLE interface in Adalo to toggle outputs on an Arduino over BLE.

Start here

This will allow you to scan for bluetooth devices. From there you need to write the Arduino code, then make buttons that will transmit your Bluetooth commands.


Thank you so much for the information.

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