Basic database question about the first column

Hi there -

I’ve searched through the help and forums but haven’t seen this question answered. Apologies if I missed it.

Is it ok to have a null value for the initial column of a collection?

I am filling this collection out via a form and don’t have a need for the mandatory text field but wanted to make sure that didn’t mess anything up long term.

It would be easy enough to fill it out with something static, but am curious if leaving it null does any harm.

You can actually delete that column as long as it isn’t the first column. Just rearrange the order and you can delete it if you want.

Ah. That makes sense :man_facepalming:t2:

Thank you!

I think the “Name” column is fixed, you can’t remove it at all, you can just rename it.
For me, keeping it empty / not using it never caused any problems.

No, you can delete it actually. From what I can tell the rule is that the first column can’t be deleted. If you move it (rearranged the column order) it will allow you to delete it.

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Hi @Michael,

I tried to rearrange the columns - you can’t do that with the 1st one :wink:
As well as with “Created” and “Updated” ones.
If this works for you, I would be happy to discover how you did it!

@Michael @MisterPass
Got that!
The trick was to rearrange field names in “Database collections” column on the left. And at first I tried to rearrange columns themselves in the collection modal window.

Always good to learn something new - thank you @Michael!


Haha, Awesome!
I was just about to make a video.

Glad you figured it out.


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