Add and Re-Arrange column causing Data Loss in Collection

We were trying to add additional columns to the existing collection as part of a new app version development. We added new columns and tried re-arranging columns.

Somewhere during this process, one of the column’s data got cleared out. Unfortunately, these are our user’s mobile numbers. We do have a copy outside and we are trying to fix the data in Adalo.

But We need to understand how the column data got cleared out in this process.

Any pointers from the development team can help learn how to tackle these DB column changes going forward.


Hi Kaigal,

I am unsure how this could even happen. Deleting any property requires a confirmation box and deleting a collection even requires the confirmation of the name of that collection. These steps have been added to prevent mistakes.


Actually, we didn’t delete anything. I believe, it is the developer whose action has caused this issue. The developer rearranged existing one column and added new columns.

The column’s data that was rearranged lost all its data. Developer didn’t have the understanding of what would happen in the backend during rearranging.

Ideally, I believe, Rearrange option in the backend would have dropped and recreated the column. This would have caused the data loss.

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