Basic: how do I tell Adalo to "forget" the displayed photo when re-entering a screen?

I created a screen with Image picker. It allows the user to select a picture. After selection the screen looks like this:

Now, I want the box to get empty again, each time the user (re-)opens the screen, to select a new image.
i.e. I want it to look empty like here:

but I see that Adalo does not draw an empty box for the component. It rather “remembers” the last photo…
How can I fix it?

Hey Vered. Is this just happening in previewer, or is it happening when you build the app on devices? Often in previewer form content/image pickers will hold recent data due to caching. Shouldnt happen in the live app on the device.

With that said, recently I have seen some older form data pulling in on devices, so wondering if you are seeing something similar.

Hello and thanks so much for looking into it @jromeo80 !
It does happen on Preview (or “share” on desktop) only. Thanks for directing me to check that.
So I guess it is OK and I should not worry.
Will close the topic now. If I see it on the live app, I’ll let you know.

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