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I put a image picker in a generic screen, so it will be used to change a specific entry of a DB. When I upload a pic, update the entry and link back, the next time I use that screen the image picker still has the old photo. Is there any way to flush the selected image out automatically?

Hi @jose64am, are you able to provide some more details here or a screen recording? As far as I read it, this should not be happening and may be a bug. With some more info I may be able to help a bit easier.

So, I open a screen with a img picker and the data from the previous screen. If I select a pic and get to the previous screen, and then I go again to that screen (with the same or another prev screen), the img picker has the same picture selected.

Right I see, thanks for the details!

I think to avoid this, you would have to create a new screen that basically duplicates the functionality of the previous screen so that instead of linking back (which is a browser function that can hold cached data) you can link it to a new screen, thereby clearing the cached data.

This is unfortunately a browser function that is intended to work this way to save data for the user in case of it being lost.

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