How to use image / image picker (default value/modify/clear) in 2022

I’m wondering if there is an update on that topic. I was reading today all topics which has “image picker” in its title from the forum, but was not able to find an up to date answers to the following questions, even if the topic is discussed for a few years:

1.) I can’t use the “original Form” component because I need a specific layout, I’ve created the following screen which display the current delivery record and the user can modify the data:

2.) I’m using the the “image” component to display the current image from the current record or a placeholder image if the current record has no image. → FINE

3.) User wants to change the image. Now it’s starting to get complicated. He taps the “image” component and I create a “click action” to open a “modal screen” which shows an “image picker” where the user can select a new image.

On the modal screen the user can press cancel = “Link back”, update = “I will update the record with the new image” from the “image picker” or “delete”. Delete → my idea was to have a hidden empty “dummy image picker” on that screen and update the record with that picker value but it doesn’t work the old image will remain.

4.) Back on the “modify deliver sceen” the user could decide not to update the complete record now but to go back. In that case I’m not able to restore the original image record.

Does there exists in the meantime an app example where this very basic stuff, which more or less would be needed in every Adalo app, which has a “user profile screen” with an image and that screen can’t use the “original Form” component?

Hi @RonDeveloper ,

If you want to reset the image, here is an old post,

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