Basic link to app via external http

Hey guys - I know that deep linking into a specific page of your app is currently not supported, but I couldn’t find anything about if setting up a basic external link to the app that would just open the splash or home page? Would this fall under the same functionality or is this something that can be achieved today?

You can do this.

  1. Clone your Native app to a PWA. Make sure they share a database.
  2. On your PWA (clone of your app) use the Friendly URL component from the marketplace.

Now you can get the link.

If you want to just open external links. Use the usual website link under add action.

What I am trying to do, is take someone from a regular webpage, and link them to the app splash or login screen. I have taken a look at the Friendly URL marketplace component but I’m not quite sure how this works. Haven’t been able to find an documentation on how to correctly get this working.

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