Pragmaflow Deep Linking

Hello guys, i’d like to ask if someone is using the deep linking from pragmaflow, as for me when i open the link it doesn’t require me to the desired screen.

Are you linking to links in the app installed on your device (android or ios) or browser PWA? Cuz it says “Not PWA” on the component. I’m just assuming you’re trying it in a browser.

It’s on native of course

Record a video sharing your screens, the links you’re using, and what happens when you click the links.

have you used it before? the deep linking component


please notice where the component is and where it’s linking

do you have any idea about it or?


Not sure. Looks like it should work. Did you add the component before or after creating the build and installing it on your device?

Maybe @Mitch-Pragmaflow might be able to troubleshoot a little better.

Well of course they can help more than you, at least if they asked for 500$/hour that you asked for, they’ll help not ask me if i added it before or after the build :joy: or if i am testing on native or web and wouldn’t pretend to know.

And of course if you were bothered by saying “hello” don’t you feel concerned when you don’t know you can just ignore, because as you said this is a community, and i am having a problem which is impacting a deadline.

In order for any of us to troubleshoot, we need as much detail as possible. No one is “pretending” to know anything. I have the component and it works well for me.

Yes, the team that created the component will more than likely ask the same questions that I’m asking.

Since none of us have access to your app, we don’t see if you’re attempting to use this on a mobile app or PWA unless you tell/show us. Hence why I asked for more info.

I jumped in to try to help. If it was something super simple, then I would have happily provided you with a resolution.

Unfortunately, in this situation, it may be best for you to reach out to the component developer for support.

And yes, be patient. We are a community of Adalo users, we are not technical support for Adalo or 3rd-party components. Many of us Adalo experts are super busy working on things for paying clients, but we help when we can.

If you ever need immediate assistance, it would be ideal for you to find an Adalo expert that fits your budget and skill requirements. That way, you can always have someone to lean on when you have questions.

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