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I’m just posting for whom who has the PWA deep linking component to tell them that a new update was sent in which you can have multiple target screens. Please note that you have to configure it the same way as well you have to reconfigure your old setup for the target.

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Hi @njimmy10, I have a few questions on your component, it would be awesome if you could clarify. From the videos and infos I found in the forum it was not totally clear to me what your deep linking component can do. I would have two use cases for it but I am not sure if they are supported.

First use case is just having a url that i can use externally to open the application at a specific screen like: opens screen2 in the app and not the homescreen.

Second use case would be to link to a detail page like the product detail page you show in your video. However, I would have to generate the links for it in the backend before and have not the user do it in the application. Is this supported?

For both cases, I also didnt understand if authentication is supported. So e.g. if I link to a specific screen and it requires the user to login first if not authenticated yet, would i first see the login screen and then be routed to the specific screen using your component? Thanks so much! Timo


I would like to ask you which video have you watched?

I have two PWA deep linking videos that explains what you can do with the component, from how to generate the url to linking and authentication,

Regarding your usage, the component support both of them, having a url that opens to a specific screen is totally supported as well as link to a details screen.

These two topic were covered in the videos,

Please feel free tk reaxh out if you have any trouble with anything I’ve done in the videos,


Hi @njimmy10, thanks for your quick reply. I watched this video: PWA Deep Linking
Based on that video I didn’t understand how to handle authentication. And it mentions how you create a link for deep linking in the application, but my use case would be that I have to create a lot of these links in the backend to send them out regularly. I didn’t undestand if this is possible,

I didn’t find another video, could you point me to it in case it explains the questions above? Thanks so much Timo

This is the other video, this explains a little bit the authentication: creating a referral system in Adalo using deep linking web. - YouTube

Regarding your use case, you could just add the button that generate the URL in the “details” and when creating the product/item/user etc… to be automatically created.

Hi @njimmy10, my data is stored in xano and not all data is created in Adalo, so I am not sure how to get these links if I cannot create them in the backend, independent of the frontend.

And regarding authentication I watched the video you sent but that seems to be another use case. My use case would be simply having a link to send a user to a product detail page as you did in the first video I watched. But after the user clicked the link for the product detail page, the user would have to login or signup first before the user is allowed to the product detail page. Not sure if this is supported.

Would be awesome if you could clarify!

Thanks so much Timo

Basically, authentication is handled by your end, you decide how to handle it, you could just add a condition saying: if logged in user email is empty go to sign up/login, very simple - straighforward.

Data in Xano or Adalo same thing, you’re filtering depending on an ID/Name etc… you’re filtering depending on a value coming from the deep linking, regardless what backend you have, you will be matching depending on the value from the deep linking.

Hi @njimmy10, thanks for these answers and sorry to bother you again. I still don’t get how I can create these target links you are using. Perhaps I am getting something wrong, but from the video it seems to me that I have to create a target link for every e.g. product detail page first, before I can use it with your component to directly access it. In the one video you let the user create a link, and you said in a message before I could also create these links when I create the “product” in adalo in the background so that the user doesnt see it. However, my “products” are not created in Adalo (its just data from another application read via xano), so how do I create those links that I need for your component? I would have to do this in the backend I guess.

Reg. authentication: I understand that I can redirect a user to login, but after the user logged in, does he end up at the normal homescreen or still on the product detail page he was supposed to get on via the link.

Thanks so much Timo

You decide how to link afterward.

Regardless of where you create your products or where the data comes from, as long as you build the infrastructur with the “Target” properly, you put the url as a property within the product table and it is functional.

Ok @njimmy10, I will try it out. How can I get your component? It’s not on the marketplace and your website form Adalo Components doesnt work