Text box is driving me nuts

Sigh! Apparently I can’t put too much text in text box or Adalo will crash on me. Anyone can share my grief here? Thanks!

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I have this problem when I’m creating “Terms of Service/Privacy Policy” pages.

What I’ve done is created a collection and broke down the text into sections. I added a number parameter to sort in order to keep them in order.

Then, added the list to the screen that displays all texts.

(Or alternatively, simply use multiple text components.)


Thanks! You have been a great help! Sigh!


Yeah, this is definitely an issue with the product. I’ve gotten into the habit of editing my text in notepad and pasting it in when I’m happy with it, but it’s an imperfect hack. As soon as an edit needs to be made, the whole interface locks up. This appears to be one of many ways performance issues with Adalo tend to manifest themselves.

Combining the use of an outside text editor with @Flawless’s recommendation seems to be our best option for now.

You can also use a webview with a link to something like Termly, it is scrollable for the user.


A good tip @theadaloguy. Thanks.

This is a great solution.
I have our User Terms as one long piece of text…a little challenging to edit (I click the box and go make a cup of tea while it ‘does it’s thing’)
Like this though, nice :metal:

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Thank you! Looks like this method all the content is hosted on Termly side. If they change anything, the app developer can be liable. Are you saving it as an image and display it from your own storage/server?

LOL. That’s what I do, I can only drink so much tea. Often times it just not respond and I would spit my tea out because of it.

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@Flawless idea is what I do too. I never thought of using it for differently formatted subheadings though. That’s helpful.

Also, you can use a short text field to the left of each paragraph text field, and use Magic Text to position the paragraph numbers (I call them “sequence” numbers in my collections). That way you get the appearance of numbered paragraphs with indented text.

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