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I am making an app where you need to log in and create an account and log your work. But everytime I make a new account the same imformation from the old accounts show on the to-do lists. How do I stop the information from the old accounts from showing without completely deleting everything. I am new to using Adalo and it would be great if you could help.

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I cannot figure out your issue with the information you gave. Need more details (print screen and/or share or clone a part of your apps)

I’ll try and explain better. So I’m making an app with a to-do list. I want users to sign up to my app. I signed up for the first time and logged in some tasks on the to-do list. And then I made another account on the app. But even though I’m on a seperate account the same tasks from the old account shows. So let’s say I put in “Do the dishes” in my to-do list. When I log into my app using another account it still says “Do the dishes” as one of my tasks. How do I get the information to clear for different accounts.

You need to add this information in your database and add a filter on this information on your list.


  • In the collection Tasks, add the property « CreatedBy ». It’s will be a Relationship of Users, One-to-Many (a Task belong to one user, a user can have multiple Tasks)
  • In the collection Users, Adalo will create thé corresponding property. Rename it to « TasksToDoByMe »


  • When you add a task, you need to set the « CreatedBy » property to the Login User.

  • When you display the Todo list (list of Tasks), add a filter « Login User > TasksToDoByMe »


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I’m sorry but when I add a filter what column should I pick. Login user isn’t an option

Here a little video step by step

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