Best approach to split Dev and Prod Databases in Adalo?

Hi There,

I am hoping to get some advise from some experienced Adalo builders who have live iOS and Android apps.

I would like to have a separate DEV and PROD database in order to to test new functionality without affecting the live database.
My app is a two-sided marketplace and as an example: I would like to create test product listings without allowing end-users, using the live Android and iOS version, to see this data.

I know I can copy the app without sharing a database, but this way I still need to continuously and manually align changes across both apps, which I imagine can become tedious.

Is there any other way to achieve this without too much manual effort?
Any best practice guidance on this will be greatly appreciated.


I was able to find this post from 3 years ago, but I am hoping there might have been some improvements since then.