Copy App with database content

In copying an Adalo app, there a way to copy the content of the database but not share database? I made an app and want to clone it for demo, but there are some private content I want to scrub out first but retain majority of content in the database. As it stands now, I can only copy the database without the contents in the fields, or share the same database. I don’t want to scrub anything from the original app. The only way I can think of is to import/export from original database to the new one.

Is there a more efficient way to copy the database contents without sharing or import/export? Thank you.

Load up your app, click Settings, then under the App Access settings, switch this dropdown to “Cloneable (Screens & Data)”

By using this option, you’ll be able to clone the app and keep the contents of the database but not share the contents of the database.


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