Best browser for the Adalo build tool?

Which is the best browser (in terms of performance) for

I use a 2017 MacBook Pro and high-end PC for building my apps, but I wanted to know which you’ve found provides the best performance for larger apps when it comes to navigating around your screens and building out the screens.

Thanks in advance.

I found this , it might help

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Thank a million, I’ll try out Firefox!

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I also switched my browser from Brave to Firefox for the app I’m building and I can notice the smoothness! And personally I tested Chrome , Brave , Edge , Firefox …and indeed Firefox has some noticeable difference when it comes to performance.

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I’m using Google Chrome and it’s good to me. I switched to firefox , Brave, Opera and it’s stuck always :sweat:

But I think the problem is with my computer :expressionless:

Thank you :ok_hand:

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