Large Adalo Projects - Pick Mozilla Firefox!

Hey all,

If you, like me, have projects with a lot of screens 50+ you will have noticed the platform becoming very laggy, and slow when panning and zooming in and around your screens. I have tried every browser around, Blaze, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Explorer and more… but to my suprise Mozilla Firefox has a built in feature to make use of your PC/Laptop processing power!! And this makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Before when trying to link relationships, I received, not responding, and the apps going offline… now even with a very large app like this it’s very responsive and I do not have issues with linking relationships.

Keep it in mind if your project gets very large!!! It’s a game changer.


Nice, thanks for the heads up.

I did try Firefox a while ago but had some issues with the previewer (or something, can’t quite remember what), so I’ve just stuck with Chrome…

Yes the previewer isn’t great on Mozilla because it adds scroll bar on the right side of the mobile view, which wont be there in real native apps.

I use Chrome viewer though, I open the app share link for live viewing of the developments in chrome on a second screen. And use Mozilla for all the dev side.

But generally speaking, Mozilla is about 5x times quicker for large projects and it stops me from banging my head against the wall :slight_smile: This may help someone, it’s certainly helped me :slight_smile:


Wow. That is huge. Thanks. But all I see is those wasted vertical white space… :sweat_smile:
Every screen could have fitted in half the screen space.

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Yes a lot of wasted space :rofl:but, i find aligments from tab to tab work better in a line/row - just my personal preference :slight_smile: Also finding stuff is easy as you pan one way.

I should note: I have other large projects, organised in rows as you are pointing out, but performance with large apps was still a big problem regardless of the screen organisation - Mozilla helped massively with performance.

Actually something like a position bookmark will cool.
E.g. Place anchor points around the screen where you can go to with a click

Absolutely - thats a fantastic idea… to be honest, even ability to click on the screen in the screen browser and if adalo brought that screen into view would be also great.

Or a mini 100% zoom out map at the bottom right that shows where we are on the screen.
And we can click on that mini map to go to a certain point on the map.

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Thanks for the advice! That’s actually very helpful for me as my project is starting to get large.

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holy moly and I thought I have a huge app! May I ask which purpose your app has? Is that a game?

BTW, it would be great if the visual designer would be able to GROUP Screens together like does it with there visual designer. There first version was similar to current adalo designer but they added a group system to keep the screen less cludded. Like Subfolders So we could organize screens better.

I have a few Apps of similar size. One is a Sports Management App, Rostering, development plans, statistics, team page, files, news, chat, fixtures, events, feedback forms, injury logs etc. And the others are logistics management apps again very individual and team orientated. It’s taken 6 months to develop these. Great learning curve.

Adalo is an incredible platform, but I do fear reliability, so only time will tell. I’m waiting on subscription payments before I release the apps I have been working on :slight_smile:

I also think when the component market place accepts developers components for sale, and possibly ability to purchase template apps, there’s huge potential for Adalo.

Will it be the Canva of the no code world? :slight_smile:

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Nice! Yeah, my apps are all on hold due to the missing subscription. Hope it’s available soon. :frowning:

@iAppsNi - It’s super impressive that you built something this elaborate. And thanks for sharing the tip.

Can I ask, how do you maintain it to make sure you don’t break something over time? For example, if you change how one variable is calculated, how do you verify that that variable is only used in the places you are aware of? Similarly, if you are cleaning up the code and delete an old property from a collection, how do you verify it’s not used anywhere? (To my knowledge you can’t just run a search or export the app into a text based searchable file.)

I love the no-code tools, but tracking changes across versions and simply being able to search are my biggest concerns.

Hey Chris, thanks for your kinds words.

I agree with you on all your points, and your trail for modifications as you noted isn’t that easy to keep track of, and you kind of just need to know in your head how everything links.

I don’t have an elaborate solution for that, the only good news is that, in most case forgetting to remove something at least wont crash the app which is a big positive, but it does in a sense weigh the app down, as its unnecessarily there. But you are right, ideally, a feature like being able to visually see something thats unreferenced or searc for unused items/database columns etc would be hugely beneficial.

In anycase, I’m able now to do things with No-code that i couldn’t do before, so for me i feel like i can fly :smiley:

Thank very much!!! This saved me a lot of hours !!! Thank you again!!!

Glad it helped @Georgios

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