What is the most coplex app built with Adalo so far?

Hello Everyone,

Good to see you all building great apps! I checked a few sample apps on the site, but found that they have mostly basic features. However, by going through a few topics, I have got the understand that Adalo can be used to build some more complex apps.

Can anyone please share some apps with a bit of complexity they have built using Adalo? That can help me decide if this can be the right platform for me to start building.


If you mean lots of relationships, it can do that, lots of screen, it can too.

If you think this forum, discourse is complex enough, then I think it can handle your complexity.

Shoot us with more specific details.

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I have been working on several Apps for months, with many many screens (see screenshot).

Adalo can handle it, but the browser shows not responding quite often and is relatively slow when you develop an app this big.

I have 24 Database collections, Uploading to External Storages such as Amazon S3 and Airtable while sending internal files to users, adding people to teams, and managing as an admin, team chat, and many more features. As well as notifications, emails and so on.

The app itself runs very smoothly natively as does the Web App. But be prepared if your app gets as big as the below, navigation and updates are quite tedious and slow, as panning around is very laggy and you will receive not responding and the app appearing offline often. Given I could have done things better in hindsight… but it is just an FYI.


Another note to Add is, I found moving to “Brave” Browser from Google Chrome/Safari made a big difference in dev process.

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@Yongki @iAppsNi

Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated. I do see good potential with Adalo. I, being more from project/product management side, with less time and budget for developing my own ideas from scratch, believe Adalo seems a very good alternative.

I checked the docs and tutorials quickly and some of my concerns got settled. But you’re right, I should be more specific about what complexity or features I’m concerned about. So I’ll explore it a bit more and then come back with more specific questions based on the feature set I would be interested to implement. Thanks again.

Nice work, I’m struggling with similar issues… tried Brave but didn’t see an improvement - will deffo re-try that again today. Will be good to compare notes sometime - good luck :+1:

Very impressive.

Can you share a bit more about how you manage this level of complexity? For full-stack work, devs use pretty elaborate version control (eg git) and have pretty straightforward ways of looking through their all their code (eg file searching). How do you manage that?

I understanding saving a copy of the app at a milestone, but that only solves part of the issue.

To provide a specific example, if you decided to clean up some code and delete an old field in a collection, how can you ensure it’s not used somewhere you aren’t thinking of. Then, once deleted, can you ever see the history of when that was deleted? Thanks

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