For Large Projects Use FireFox!

I’ve been using Adalo for almost 1 year now and I must say to all Devs, makers, anyone really, use Firefox! I have a huge project, I mean like 75+ screens and the slowness was unbearable and I couldn’t even link to actions or especially ‘update’ actions. But Firefox has improved my experience 10x. I am able to add actions that I didn’t think I would before. Hopefully Adalo can improve things on their end (which they have in some aspects but I have still been told by them as a large project owner that I have to ‘wait’ for improvements and be ‘patient’)

Refer to this thread as well but I thought I would just bump this recommendation since I found out about this workaround about 1 month ago, It has improved my development immensely. I still bounce back and forth between Chrome and FireFox but if I have to made action links I go to FF for that!

Glad this works for you also Jess :slightly_smiling_face: I, like you, have very large Apps, and I was pleasantly surprised to go from unusable UI on Chrome etc to very responsive by switching to Firefox :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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