Best computer for big apps?

I am making some pretty big apps and the editor is insanely slow! (I use a MacBook Air 2019)
Even looking around is slow!

So I was wondering, does it make a difference if I buy the new MacBook Pro?

Also using MacBook Air (2018). I found that switching from Safari to Chrome sped things up considerably while using Adalo. Could be that when I use Adalo on Chrome, I have no other tabs open, just Adalo. My Safari browser usually has 5-10 tabs open at all times.


I’m using 2020 M1 Macbook Air and it’s generally very good. I previously used a 2014 Mac Air which struggled a lot.

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With regards to Macbook Pro, the current version isn’t much better than the Air, same m1 chip. Later this year I think there’s a new Pro coming out which is rumoured to have a new M1 chip version.

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Oh okay awesome, thanks!

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