Best practice for preventing user from creating multiple accounts?

I know there is no way to absolutely prevent a person from creating multiple accounts, but I’d like to at least make it a bit difficult. I’m looking for suggestions.

Is it possible to detect the phone number (or other unique device identification) and record this in a new user’s database record? And then to check whether that ID is already in use?

I know I can ask users for their phone number, but I’d like to automatically detect it.

If not, does anyone have any thoughts on how to prevent multiple accounts? One of my app’s functions will be polling, and I’m looking for ways to prevent anyone from voting multiple times using different accounts.

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Hi @MikesClub,

I think there is a paid component for that mentioned in this thread:

but I didn’t personally try it.
Here’s the link to the place where you can get the component

Hope it helps!


This component doesn’t work that way, it only detects if it was “ios” “android” “web”, but i could help you with something maybe getting phone’s model or even wifi IP and depending on that you can prevent creating multiple accounts.

Oh, good to know; I thought it detected the IMEI of the device as well. But even so it looks like a great component.

you gave me an idea for new features for it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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