How to get rid of Modal when linking back to the same page?

When I Click on Modal and take action. And then link back to the same page, Modal pops up again, for the 2nd time. How to fix that?

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Same issue, I want to prevent this.

For now I have used a link to a specific page (instead of using ‘back’ I link to ‘page x’ [the page that triggered the modal).

However - this still doesn’t prevent a user from using the BROWSER back button and pulling up the modals again. It’s a problem for reasons to detailed to get into here.


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Hello !
If your case is “when you navigate on page 2, a modal page is pushed” and when you back on page 2 the same modal is pushed again.

If this is your problem, you can use the option “Show advanced” in your navigation action link and create a unique condition to trigger your modal page. (Invisible input are very useful for this.)