Best third party app

Looking for some advice :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the best way or third party app to notify you of new users signing up to your app

Looking for more data collection so I don’t have to log onto the computer each time

(Hay Adalo… Maybe a future feature, your own app that we can go in and see data instead of logging in… Just an idea lol)

Many integrations, personally i’ve used Slack to notify myself of new items being added on Adalo database. Also you could use airtable or Google sheets, SMS, anything that you can connect to via REST API or Integromat.


I am just pushing an email to my inbox through sendgrid api


Just watched your video I am trying out Slack thank you

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Hiya Mind sharing the link? I’m currently using Send In Blue, but it can be iffy at times.

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Thank you :innocent:

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This one is working great

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