Beware of this USER: christianluengo91

This guy send you a private message and tries to get you to share other peoples work! christianluengo91

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Yeah I had similar. Well done @Lynk

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First clarify that this is taken out of context, as I am a user of adalo payment and I bought components and even a clone app recently to Santiago. From lack of knowledge, I asked you if it was possible to share a component and you told me it was paid and I only asked if I could pay you part of it to share. I am asking about the arbitrary Javascript component because I manage to do all the steps except publishing it. I hope next time you will be more polite to me.

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No I won’t! The reason: I don not believe you. You can try and say whatever you wish, but I think you just wanted to me to share someone else’s work. I believe nothing you say.

@James_App_Maker offers the install of these components as a service. As I had previously said.

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I don’t want to convert you to anything, especially not by speaking with this politeness. I have been at Adalo since March with my app in the apple store and Android. I have bought components and even app cloning to improve some functionalities of my app. I hope that in the future you will improve your education


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yes, I asked him. As I said to Santiago, I have managed to get it to work but it gives me an error when publishing it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Look, you sent me a private message asking me to share components from someone who sells components, you know it and I know it.

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As I know it is not possible to share component, without publisher credentials.

I dont know but I wouldn’t share them anyway. He can say what ever he wants, I know what his intentions were.

Correct me if I am wrong but is this person not just trying to ask If he can share a purchase component in his app his he were to share it as a cloneable? Also If that is what he is asking then the answer would be no. When there is a purchased component in a cloned app and you have not purchase that component yourself then it will show a box on the screen and tell you that you have to pay for it. If it’s one not of the marketplace then the user would have to reach out to the original vendor of that component to purchase and then install into the app in order for it to work.