Beware of this USER: christianluengo91

This guy send you a private message and tries to get you to share other peoples work! christianluengo91

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Yeah I had similar. Well done @Lynk

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First clarify that this is taken out of context, as I am a user of adalo payment and I bought components and even a clone app recently to Santiago. From lack of knowledge, I asked you if it was possible to share a component and you told me it was paid and I only asked if I could pay you part of it to share. I am asking about the arbitrary Javascript component because I manage to do all the steps except publishing it. I hope next time you will be more polite to me.

Best regards

No I won’t! The reason: I don not believe you. You can try and say whatever you wish, but I think you just wanted to me to share someone else’s work. I believe nothing you say.

@James_App_Maker offers the install of these components as a service. As I had previously said.

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I don’t want to convert you to anything, especially not by speaking with this politeness. I have been at Adalo since March with my app in the apple store and Android. I have bought components and even app cloning to improve some functionalities of my app. I hope that in the future you will improve your education


yes, I asked him. As I said to Santiago, I have managed to get it to work but it gives me an error when publishing it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Look, you sent me a private message asking me to share components from someone who sells components, you know it and I know it.

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As I know it is not possible to share component, without publisher credentials.

I dont know but I wouldn’t share them anyway. He can say what ever he wants, I know what his intentions were.