Bible App anyone?

Just checking in to see if anyone knows how to connect a bible app to a bible software where they can read it from their phone… anyone? I checked but didn’t find anyone that posted about that yet.

There are actually numerous Bible API’s out there available for free that you can connect your Adalo app with:


Thank you so much! Very cool.

How can I get this onto my app? I’m new to APIs…


  1. You would need a paid plan
  2. To use custom actions, when you use click actions, click on the custom action tab (under notifications) then make a name for the custom action then add the API base url and so on…

If you need more help with the API, please create a new topic for it.

I wanted to check with you on this… I really appreciate the help, but I’m really having a hard time figuring out how to connect APIs like this. I watched your YouTube tutorials and feel like I have a basic understanding, but I’m not exactly sure how this works with the components of the app. Like how do you have a piece of data connect with a specific component? If there’s some kind of resource that you can point me to for this, I would really appreciate that.

Great question. Each API is a bit different, but when using External Collections, they generally return lists (or arrays) of information. In this case, when you create an External Collection using these APIs it returns either a single verse or multiple verses. When you have multiple verses returned, you can use a List in Adalo to display those results. Let me try and work up an example app for you.

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@ParkerJ & @BeautifullySimple Here is a cloneable app that makes use of the ESV API here. Note that you will need two important things. A property in the user’s collection to hold the Search Term and an Account on this ESV website. They will ask you to create an App there which will provide you with an API key to use. When you clone the app and look at the Bible Search External Collection this is what you will see. You’ll need to replace the red portion with your Search term property.


Wow, thank you so much! I’ll definitely be learning a ton from this example. I really appreciate it!

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No problem! Let me know if you run into issues or need me to make a video.


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