Big differences in the Native app between smartphones (ios)

Hello, my app makes great use of buttons.
These buttons appear in different positions and don’t stay docked in place as they should be.

I am testing my native APP on Iphone (Iphone Xr and Iphone 11). In iphone 11 (first image) all is OK (The group below: Rectangle and two buttons).

But in Iphone Xr (second image) the Group appear lower! This is blocking my RoadMap because I can’t solve this problem! I could raise the group, but that would then increase the space!

What is this problem given to? In the PREVIEW (iphone Xr & Iphone 11) I don’t detect this problem and everything seems ok!

Did you use the fixed position function for the group style? This will make sure it is always fixed to the bottom(or top if you select that) from the screen.

I bet that if you add another list item the group will completely disappear under your tabbar

Hello and thanks for the reply.
yes I used the fixed position (bottom) to fix the group. for this reason it seems very strange to me.

however the list goes correctly under the group as I wanted. I don’t find any further problems except that in the iPhone XR the group appears lower down!

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Oh then it’s strange indeed! I am not sure of a solution, maybe sent a support ticket?

Thanks…I have open ticket 2 days ago…but no answer for now.

This problem happens on all BOTTOM fixed components … It is very annoying. I cannot publish my app under these conditions! I have tried only on two iPhones, what should I expect if I now have all smartphones? I dare not imagine …

:it: Ciao Beppe, prova a raggruppare i bottoni e mettici un rettangolo trasparente sotto che fa da “contenitore” per gli elementi. Anch’io ho qualche problemino di questo tipo, ma per ora ho buildato solo l’apk, a breve provo col Testflight su iOS.

:uk: Hi Beppe, try to group the buttons and put a transparent rectangle underneath that acts as a “container” for the elements. I also have some problems of this type, but for now I have only built the apk, soon I will try with Testflight on iOS.

Ho provato come hai detto tu, posizionando i pulsanti sopra un rettangolo trasparente.
ma nulla…l’iPhone Xr non ne vuole sapere, sposta tutti i componenti fissati in “bottom” più in basso.

invece oggi ho fatto una prova anche su iPhone 7 e li funziona tutto correttamente!
Mentre su iPhone XR sia in app nativa o preview qualcosa non va!

I tried as you said, placing the buttons on top of a transparent rectangle.
but nothing … the iPhone Xr does not want to know, it moves all the components fixed in “bottom” further down.

today I also did a test on the iPhone 7 and 11 and everything works correctly!
While on the iPhone XR it is in the native app or preview something is wrong!


Wow, Adalo is a seemingly great product. Building a no-code mobile app is tricky business, no doubt. But reading these replies and lack of response from the Adalo team makes me leery about taking a bet on the platform… they’ve gotta deliver on the promise.

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I do not recommend. It is not supported and emails do not respond. I’m 4 months on the pro plan and I don’t recommend it to anyone. I will not renew. I really believed in this platform. She is abandoned. I’m really sad.

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What a shame. They don’t respond, they don’t provide support, they don’t participate in the community. They just want our money.

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Beppe did you solve this ?? Try putting an invisible rectangle under the 2 buttons (not too much high) and then check if the visibility issue is gone

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ITA: Ciao a tutti, io ho risolto questo problema aumentando la grandezza del rettangolo (grigio) e quindi alzando il gruppo. (sicuramente spero una soluzione provvisoria) Ora in alcuni iphone il gruppo è più in alto (di poco) e in altri più basso. Ma non viene nascosto dalla bottom bar.

Ma risolto questo problema, purtroppo ho riscontrato problemi più gravi che riguardano l’approvazione Apple. La mia app è stata bocciata perche adalo non implementa l’avviso agli utente che raccogliamo i dati. (e non possiamo farlo noi) devi richiedere il permesso (come per le immagini, per intenderci)…Sono bloccato…Forse come tutti, quelli che sottomettono un’applicazione.

Molto deluso di questo…

Hi everyone, I solved this problem by increasing the size of the rectangle (gray) and then raising the group. (I certainly hope for a temporary solution) Now in some iPhones the group is higher (slightly) and in others lower. But it is not hidden by the bottom bar.

But with this problem solved, I sadly encountered more serious issues affecting Apple approval. My app was rejected because adalo does not implement the warning to users that we collect data. (and we can’t do it) you have to ask for permission (as for images, so to speak) … I’m blocked … Maybe like everyone, those who submit an application.

Very disappointed with this …

Privacy Policy is a mandatory i guess, so make sure to set up one in your Apple store developer account like in the photo below

Hi, I have a personalized privacy policy! and I set it correctly, they focus on the permission to use the collected data. They say that there is no warning for the user (this is something that Adalo has to implement, as for access to images)

see this: App respista because it does not respect the privacy rules! ADALO WHERE ARE YOU?

Oh damn, didn’t know about that. Also I have to publish my app on AppStore too so hoping for a quick fix !!! :expressionless:

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