Discrepency in Layout & Remove Extra Space


I am having 2 issues I’d like remedied - one is there is extra whitespace at the bottom of my app that isn’t present in the adalo dashbaord. I have the bottom navbar set to bottom. Is this trying to account for possible phone UI issues?

The other issue is the layout on my homescreen… I have a set of 6 “buttons” (icons) that have text under them. Each one is aligned together, then grouped. Then each group is grouped with 2 others in a row of 3.

See images:


The whitespace is an old Adalo problem, just create a custom bottom nav and fix it to the bottom.

To stop elements from moving around, add invisible rectangles in-between the elements and on each side reaching to the edge of the screen

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Thanks @Briggsy! Any idea if there’s a bugfix coming for the old whitespace problem?

I’ve tried the invisible rectangles now, and am just waiting for my builds to go thru so I can test.

Due to the fact you can create your own custom bottom navigation (which I’m sure is fine in builds) I doubt there is any urgency to fix that from the team. Hope the invisible rectangles fixed your problem!