The page is blank

Hello, I have a problem, I have a calendar, I generate the reservation and direct it to a confirmation page and it is all blank, I already tried to make several pages but it remains the same

Can you show a list of the components on the “Reservas” page?

Yes of course, there I send photos, the problem that does not appear or text (without being a list).

clicking on book now takes me to this page

Can you remove the custom list and see if that is what is breaking the screen? Sometimes list need to be rebuilt if it breaks a screen like this.

There I created a new modal and a new blank page I just put a text to test, the same problem

when i make click goes to …

Hi @Santiago,

In my experience blank screen means that the app has crashed; crash could be caused either by some mistake in components, or (sometimes) in a data flow (once I had a case when the app crashed as it tried to get at data which is nonexistent).
You can investigate what could be the cause of the crash in the Developer JavaScript Console in a browser - in console logs you may find some hints. But it is difficult to do if you don’t have experience. @pford what do you think?

As for me - I’d suggest submitting a support ticket.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello Victor, thank you always for responding and your tutorials, yesterday Jessi from Support contacted me there they are checking the app … I hope you can …

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