Blank Screen Not Adding in App

Blank Screen Not Adding in my new App… Help me

Hi @Hithu :wave: :wave:

I test my app too and I noticed now the blank screens are not adding.

I think this will be a problem in the Adalo side. Until the Adalo Team will solve it ( If this problem is in the Adalo side) you can try like this @Hithu :innocent:

For now add a screen with the App Bar and delete that app bar and it’s a blank screen.

Thank you :grin:

I am able to add blank screens fine.

Can you provide details of what is happening when you try to add a blank screen? A video showing this would be best.

Hi Colin here’s video.

Hmm, if you open inspect element do you see some errors in the console?

If you try to create a link action on a button for example and then use create new screen for that link action, are you able to create a blank screen like that?

Colin check this video :blush:

Hi Colin now I can add blank screens. Now it’s working. Thanks a lot. :blush: :+1: