Bug: Can't set value from dropdown choices on record creation, have to save and reload and then they work

The “Cuisines” and “Dishes” fields do nothing when I click any of the values when I first create a record. I can see the values in the dropdown, but picking any of them doesn’t do anything.

Once I save the record and re-open it, then they work as expected.

Can’t post to the Bug forum so I’m leaving it here.

There are many things at play here. Hard to reproduce your exact use case.

Is this still happening for you consistently? If you could make a short video of this issue it would help a lot in being able to reproduce it and find the cause.

Thanks Colin, here you go!

Btw this isn’t even a small annoyance, as I show in the video it’s an easy workaround, but I figured I should post it anyway.

And yes it happens every time. I’ve never seen it work correctly.

PS: Admire the level of support here, even with a small team! You guys are killing it!!

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I really appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

And thanks a tonne for the video, helps a lot.

Do you by chance receive any errors in your console (inspect element) when this happens?

I’m curious that it could be a (Chrome?) extension causing this issue.

You deserve them!! I’m sure you’re busy beyond helping idiots like me with their personal problems! :slight_smile:

I tried removing all my Chrome extensions (I had maybe 6 of them installed) and same thing.

There are indeed errors in the console, here’s another video with the console open (and no extensions).

Oh, I should have made it in the same video, but I’ve often wondered if this is expected behaviour and could be related maybe? Probably not but… Like I have 2 field references to the same field for this collection as you can see (to the Line Items collection), which do different things… But maybe that’s causing it to freak out a bit?

See here:

Is it supposed to “endless loop” like that? Probably a bad term but I don’t know what else to call it… Seems like it would go on forever…

The two definitely aren’t related. The fact there is an immediate error in the console when you are clicking on an item in the dropdown tells me there is more to it.

I hope the team can fix this as I can tell it would be a very annoying user experience having to refresh each time!

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