Newbie: Few issues I can't resolve

So I’m building an app by modifying the food truck demo/template. I’ve changed the database and most of the screens to work for my app. Overall I’m learning Adalo but I have a few pending items that I can’t find solutions for and I need help.

  1. Can write User info into a Collection: I have an Orders table. I’ve added Users as a Property by using the Relationship option. When I use the Create Order action, I put data into 4 fields, with input coming from form fields (textbox, dropdown, etc). when I try to poke data into the User column, I can select “Currently Logged In User” but this doesn’t seem right, and, after the aAction this field is still NULL. What am I missing?

  2. Text input default value: I have a text box for Quantity. When screen loads this gets the default value of 1. My form has: dropdown (product), textbox (qty) and an “Add” button. User selects a product from dropdown and enters the Quantity, then user taps “Add” button. This saves a new record in Order Items collection. I’ve also added “Change Input Value” step to my Action to change the textbox back to “1”, so Users don’t ahve to always type in a Quantity, as 1 will be the most common value. But, this is not working. After the Order Item is saved in DB, the text box has no value and user has to type somethign in. This is not a good user experience.

2a. How can I perform data validation on fields, before saving data? So how can I check that Quantity is not Null before saving an Order Item with no Quantity?

  1. Again, I’m using the sample food truck “app” or “template”. I have no idea if this was set to Mobile or Web app. I can’t find any place to change this from one to the other. Do you only have one chance to do this?

  2. (related to #3) on my iPhone the Date Picker simply does not work when formatted as a Calendar object. It pops up the iOS keyboard and you can’t dismiss the keyboard, which hides half of the calendar control.

I know I’m missing some but hoping I can get some answers on these soon! TIA.


So for 1 - that should be working. Can you post a video of your setup, or some screen shots so we can see how things are set?

@webwork #1 and #2 sounds like bugs. You can file bug reports here:

2a. You can change the visibility of the button to be only visible if the quantity input is not empty

  1. There’s not currently a way to change app types

  2. You can change the input type to date picker.

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Maybe I’m not understanding how it handles Relationships. But obviously I want each user to only see their orders when they log in…that is the goal.

In my database, I have Orders collection. I have added Users as a relationship. But User data is not being saved in Orders, but in Users collection I do see the Orders. Hope that makes sense.

Here is my Create Order button’s Action. It creates a new order.

Here is the Orders collection, see Users property:

Here is the Orders data. Why don’t I see the Users info in here? Does it matter? Will I still be able to get this user’s orders by the relationship in the Users table?

Here is the Users collection, where I do see the related Orders. I’m just confused on why I don’t see the “reciprocal” relationship in the Orders collection.

If you delete the relationship property and then re-add it, does that work?