[BUG] Copyable feature not working

When I enabled the copy function & trying to copy the text, I’m not able to do that. As you can see in the video: https://www.loom.com/share/b0e4326ac49140d2b0b5d356989e7693

Yes, I think it’s a bug. Had the same problem in my app.

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Bug or feature?? We do have copyable text but it only works on native mobile and not on web-apps.

Why not Web app? you should enable this feature on the web app also because my client wants to copy the text from the web app because they are doing their main work on a web app only that I made for them recently they are asking me how should I copy the text in the web app please enable this option for us. So, please enable this feature in a web app also.


I’d like to second this. Making ‘copyable’ active for web apps opens up multiple use cases and I find it hard to consider its inactivity a feature. @ashley, do you see this being changed in the near future?