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Hello, I have an ordering app, I would like to copy the data with the mouse, when I use it from the computer, copy and paste the information …

how do I do? it does not allow me to copy

Hi @Santiago :wave: :wave:

If you enable the Copyable to that text you can copy that text but I think it’s not working on PWA’s. I also checked that and not working in the PWA version ( When we highlight it’s showing a copy text but when I clicked not copying ). I think it’s working on Native apps.

And there’s a Copy To Clipboard Component created by @Michael ( No Code Monkey )

You can use that too.

I hope this information will help you @Santiago :innocent:

Thank you :blush:

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Hello, I appreciate your answer, if what I need is for PWA, but the truth is one pays 50dls per month and always has to continue paying external things because with adalo you cannot.

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You can Submit A Support Ticket

Thank you

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