Cannot Copy Copy - Even with copy checked

I would like for the user to be able to long-press or triple tap to select text (the address)
Not working.

Is it possible? What am I missing?

Hi Toddy,

Are you trying this in preview/PWA or native app?
The feature only works in native.




Thanks Steven,

I am trying this with the PWA.
Only native?! Oh, crap. That explains it.

[COME ON ADALO! Focus on the simple stuff: copy/paste, time, calendars,…
I want to fork over $1500 for my simple app but finding it hard to justify.]

Thank you kindly,


Confused me too for a while :sweat_smile:


I managed to do this using an input to bring up the information I need to select and copy… In this example I used it for a label with the customer information.
I’m using the translator

Cool, thank you for the reply. Can you explain more about which input you used?

To clarify: Are you using a translator to answer my question?
or, is the translator the example from your app?

Is this a web app, or an ios / android app?

Todd I think he is using the Text Input Component and he has resized it. And then he added the default value and then he can copy. From this way you can copy and paste in PWA too.

Thank you

I get what you’re saying, thank you. English makes sense. however, I still don’t follow because of my lack of vocab –

My understanding is: He made a pop-up, included a text component, and added a default value. so, it can be copy and pasted.

does this mean, he clicked on the text he wrote, navigated to : add action /more/change input value? haha… I’m lost.

I THINK i get lost at, “…he added the default value”

Your welcome

I mean a value from his collection or no default value and he typed.

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Hi, I’m using pwa and an input with a default value that brings the information from that content where I can copy it.

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My guess is correct :+1:

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