Enable Copy Paste text on screens

Adalo Experts,
How to enable select/copy functionality on text on adalo screens?

When tap on text, I would like to be able to select text and copy it from any adalo app screen and later be able to post it on any other screen on any app.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Gunjan,

For text labels you can enable “copyable” in their settings:

But user experience with this feature is horrible, in my opinion.

I’ve seen 2 workarounds:

  • there is a “copy to clipboard” component, however it is paid
  • you can use modal with an input and prepopulate this input with a text to be copied (then user will be able to select it in a normal way).

Both of these are not ideal but at least this is something.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello @Victor ,
Thanks for sharing it. Do you mind sharing the component you are referring to?
I am already struggling with performance challenges, certainly don’t want to enable any settings that further degrade the user experience.

cc @franchesca

Hello @Gunjan,

You can find the component in the Components Marketplace, it is called “Copy to Clipboard”.


Thanks @Victor !

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