[Bug?] Deck swiper updates only first row even though later cards swiped

Even though the settings are correct, current swipe target (remarked as spots on this video) didn’t change after swipe some cards.
I guess it’s a bug, but if not, please let me know the correct settings to avoid this problem.

Could be a relationship issue. Can you show your Spots collection or share the app?

Hello Bobby.

The app is here.

You can log in with
email: test@test.com
pass: test

Spots collection is here.
Multiple spots combined with multiple users.

I expected if the card was swiped right, then add ‘liked by’, and left is ‘disliked by’.
But even though swipe some cards, updated only first row.
You can see it with ‘spots’ section on the app, it’s only reflected the first item.

I would need to see a cloneable version of the app to look at the databases, but first thing I notice is that the Spots collection should have a relationship with the Users collection, not the User_plans collection, if I had to guess.

Has this been fixed yet? I’m having the same bug!

Thank you Dilon! The update on the Marketplace you sent over works great!!

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